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Healthy obsession. That’s what I call it. This vintage collection is chock full of fabulous little details that showcase the life that has passed us by. When photographing, I like to think of all the stories the houses and equipment I come across could tell. In this category will be Americana kitchen tins and tin signs that feature early artwork. They advertise and carry symbols of American culture. Of course, I couldn't pass by old cars, trucks, tractors and farm equipment. Old houses, barns, and even structures too.  Well, really anything dusty, rusty, old and full of character is in here.

If there is a BUY button under the photo - the image may be printed either by Bay Photo, who I chose to use for professional printing purposes or you can purchase the digital file and take it anywhere you wish.     Not all images can be purchased.  Read more about the storefronts & ordering process.

If there is a social media share button, it can be shared on Pinterest or most social media platforms (no personal or commercial websites without express written content from me.).  As long as you use the share button from this site it can be shared with any social media platform listed including tourism and travel platforms.

Notice - Photography is not available to be used on a website you own without written consent from me.

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